In the frame of our commitment under ISO 14001 certification, Paul Boyé Technologies implements a proactive environmental policy.

The waste produced by our factories is collected and reprocessed and/or recycled by specialized companies.
For example, Aramid fibers can be reused for making flame and tear resistant products.
When producing FFP2 masks, all the waste, trimmings and dust from our automated production lines are immediately recovered and vacuumed for recycling.
All the cardboards are centralized for recycling.
The carbonated foams included in our NBC suits are also recycled for use in industrial products.

We offer turnkey solutions for the maintenance and cleaning of our protective uniforms in our new operational maintenance installation. All the products used (detergents and reimpregnators) carry the ECOLAB label.

Paul Boyé Technologies does not use chemical treatment products liable to induce health problems. More generally, as Paul Boyé Technologies specializes in the sewing of flexible materials and making up clothing, it does not create any environmental pollution linked to coloring agents, heavy metals, phenols, cadmium, etc.
Paul Boyé Technologies makes sure that all suppliers of raw materials are certified and can guarantee compliance with the standards in force.

Paul Boyé Technologies is committed to a responsible purchasing approach. Its policy is available here.

Ethics is a core value of the organization. Its code of conduct is available here.