The TIGRE® bullet proof vest is an up to the minute development in protection for soldiers, based and developed from experiences in Afghanistan.

The letters TIGRE® in French stand for integrated war suit using electronic networking (Tenue Intégrée de Guerre à Réseau Électronique).This outfit is perfectly suited for fighting in mountainous and urban areas. Its ergonomic qualities were designed in order to allow maximum comfort to soldiers even when they are heavily loaded. 

Compatible with official instructions, the TIGRE® enables a smooth use of individual or collective firearms.

Protection levels are totally flexible in order to comply with the mission specific needs: static, turret or combat fighting, thanks to a number of interchangeable elements for neck, shoulders, arms and pelvic protection, the TIGRE® vest can be removed in less than 2 seconds.

The TIGRE® vest benefits from the very latest technology in terms of ballistics protection of IIIA level for the supple pack and of level IV for the additional plates.