FRIOTEK : An answer to "heat Stress"!

Most sporty people fear hypothermia because of its negative impact on their performance. 

It is also seen as a limiting factor for certain industrial professionals (for tasks carried out in hot and humid environment such as paper mills or nuclear installations or for tasks carried out whilst wearing an airtight overall) or for vulnerable people (older persons or those suffering from multiple sclerosis).

The FRIOTEK jacket helps fight hyperthermia.

This patent developed by Paul Boyé Technologies guarantees an homogenized and non aggressive coolness for up to 3 hours* thanks to its specific fabric assembly. The cold is progressively released without excess of humidity.

The FRIOTEK jacket allows full mobility for its wearer.
When cold, the FRIOTEK jacket remains supple and allows its wearer to move around with ease even when carrying out stretching exercises. Available in sizes S to XXL.
*Action time variable depending on the outside temperature and the physical effort produced.