Management of the supply of outfits for large service companies, administrations or industry.

Since 2011 with the award of the contract for the clothing of the DGGN (French Gendarmerie) Paul Boyé Technologies offers the following services:

> Management and planning of needs
> Supply of orders
> Logistics
> Individual and collective delivery

The logistics center:
The logistics center of Paul Boyé Technologies is a 15000 m2 secured facility based in Labarthe-sur-Lèze in the south west of France. It is used for the management of the DGGN contract and also for storage. Since 2011, the company has undertaken a complete overhaul of the site, this brought up its order management capacity to 2500 orders a day.

• Logistical production equipment
• Packing / picking line
• MOC line
• High security storage
• Overall delivery capacity, grouped or individual orders
• Call centre, customer service, management of after sales service
• Tracking system for every customer and every item delivered.