Highly critical systems
Paul Boyé Technologies is an integrator in the protection against WMD (Weapon of mass destruction): detection, protection, decontamination, medical countermeasures, training and maintenance. Paul Boyé Technologies designs outfits, accessories and equipments for the Armies, the Special Forces, the Civil Security, and first aid.

Paul Boyé Technologies provides bulletproof vests, flak jackets, suits for mine-clearers, hardening devices for equipment, etc.

We provide fire protection outfits: operational uniforms, special suits (For fighter aircraft and armored vehicle pilots, etc.)


Leader in the field of CBRN protection, Paul Boyé Technologies offers a range of protective equipments for Civil Security (fire fighters, paramedics and hospitals) perfectly adapted to today’s threats for operations of emergency medical aid to victims.

These equipments allow deployment in disaster zones stricken by a technological or environmental major accident, or an NRBC terrorist attack, according to PIRATOX and BIOTOX plans.