A range of disposable masks for protection against inhalation of particles.

These masks guarantee protection at FFP1 & FFP2 levels, whilst ensuring comfort to their wearers.
Tested by volunteers (hospital lab workers) who wore them for many hours they are both ergonomic and adaptable to all morphology types.

They can be worn for different uses: protection against risk of infection, as a barrier against toxic dust inhalation from certain medical procedures (laser, surgery....) or from the environment (very fine dust from either pollution or radioactive dust).

Used by health care workers in:

> Every day treatment (intubation, Respiratory physiotherapy.....)
> Surgery
> Laboratory handling

They can also be used by civilians or civil defense workers as a mean of protection in times of crisis such as epidemic of SARS type, avian flu, H5N1, or for areas contaminated by radioactive dust.

The VIATEK FFP1 and FFP2 masks are EN 149 2009 certified.

100% French make.