Research and Development is the key department of the company. More than 80% of the turnover arises from products developed by the company. Annual investments in Research and Development represent 10% of the turnover.

A team of Doctors, Engineers and Specialized Technicians is dedicated to the Research and Development department. Their skills cover more than twenty fields of activity, the most important being ballistics, chemistry, physiology, CBRN filters, fire and stealth.

Paul Boyé Technologies Research and Development team works with its own laboratories and technical means but also benefits from partnerships with Universities and Local, National, European and International Research Centers.

Textile and non woven test laboratory.
Characterization laboratory: To analyze and study the nature of items such as polymers, fibers, threads, structures and materials.
Chemical laboratory: for synthesis and formulation, individual applications, prototype realization and focus of industry’s best procedures.

Specialized laboratories: Ballistis, Toxicological, ergonomic and Microbiological.