The Research Department of Paul Boyé Technologies is at the centre of the model production and equipments design processes.

Information Technology tools: CAD design of patterns, positioning optimization, cutting system management. (LECTRA-MODARIS EXPERT, OPTIPLAN AND DIAMINO EXPERT).

Sizing: industrialization of automatically tailor-made garments through FitNet system.

Prototypes study and adjustment: is made by a team of specialists in clothing industry, assisted by Research and Development engineers.

Data bases:  Thousands of models available, fabric and standards databases.

Sourcing: Choice of materials and qualification of supplying partners with respect to social and sustainable development requirements.

Technical Specifications: report of complete data of a model in order to issue a technical file for industrialization. LECTRA system: KALEDO, GALLERY

Quality / ISO Standards: All steps are realized according to our ISO quality chart 9001. Our laboratories check the conformity of all materials used.